Top Benefits of Fully Furnished Office Space

Many business owners who rent office space will settle for the best unit that fits in the realm of their budget. However, what some new renters don’t consider are the added costs that come with leasing an unfinished office.

Furniture is a massive investment for any business and can seem like an insurmountable expense. Fortunately, there are office buildings like St. Paul Place that help take the weight of furniture off of a brand’s shoulders with fully furnished offices.

No matter the size or age of your company, any business could benefit from leasing a pre-furnished office space. Here are some of the biggest reasons why your brand should scratch furniture shopping off of its “to-do” list.

Furnished Office Space Saves You Money

The cost to completely furnish an office can be extremely high for any business, and prices can range from fair to extremely expensive.

A small to medium sized startup could easily spend between $1,500 and $3,500 per employee on office furniture for their unit. This is not including recreation room furniture or the furniture in your conference room.

Unless your budget has specifically been planned out to meet furnishing needs, getting an office fully equipped with desks, chairs, and cubicles alone can set progress back.

A fully furnished office includes the cost of furnishing in your lease and allows your brand to breathe a little easier with its budget and find more creative ways to spend thousands of dollars to improve the integrity of your business.

Ideal for a Short-Term Lease

Whether you are between offices or know that your business is going to quickly expand, buying new furniture to fit a temporary space shouldn’t be an obligation.

Furnished flex suites at St. Paul Place makes an already attractive short-term lease that much more ideal. When you don’t have to worry about furnishing your spot or expanding your furniture needs in the future, your team can work comfortably to help you meet your overall growth goals.

Feel Comfortable Renting Space When You Need It

Not every business needs an office space year-round. So, purchasing furniture to fill in a short-term office space for a few months out of the year can be excessive.

A short-term flex suite that comes fully furnished, gives renters the opportunity to avoid spending frivolously every year to ensure that their annual office space is comfortably furnished.

Save Time and Get Your Brand Moving

Shopping for office furniture is a time-consuming activity that takes your team away from the business priorities that matter the most. At an office building that offers furnished units, you are already guaranteed access to top-quality furniture that allows your team to settle in and get going.

With a fully furnished office from St. Paul Place, there is no shopping, no waiting, only progress.

Excel with Fully Furnished Offices and More at St. Paul Place

If you are ready to skip the setup and start building your empire from an office unit that comes with all of your furniture and equipment requirements, St. Paul Place has an office space for you! We are Dallas’ premier office building that offers luxury flex suites for short-term rentals, long-term rentals, and any leasing time in-between.

Contact us today to learn more about our top-tier units in the heart of the Dallas Fine Arts District! We’re ready to show you your new headquarters!

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