How Shared Workspace Brings Out The Best Qualities in a Team

Being locked away in a cubicle can leave employees feeling isolated, mechanical, and worst of all, unproductive.

The organization of an office’s workspace heavily influences a team’s productivity and progression. That’s why so many brands are turning to the shared workspace mentality when selecting an office for their company.

If this cultural concept is new to you, here are some of the key reasons why we believe that renting a flex office space with an open floor plan can be a beneficial move for a budding business with fast expansion on its mind.

Collaborative Space Encourages Productivity

A collaborative office space that encourages employee communication will naturally increase productivity. The elimination or limitation of physical barriers between workstations not only engages your employees but discourages teams from being unproductive.

When employees know that their engagement can be called upon any time, your team will quickly fall into a habit of productivity that promotes welcome communication and pushes your brand forward.

Interaction Creates Happier Employees

In a traditional office setting, relationships seem to be based on the hierarchy of a company, with employee happiness relying on the individual’s approach to their job. Although many brands have built empires with this culture, businesses that value their employee’s happiness should examine an open space unit.

An open floor plan in an office fosters constant interaction between a team and keeps co-workers involved in each other’s work routines. As your team regularly communicates with each other and forms professional relationships, they’ll become both more productive and happier in a job where they know they are working with a team that understands their points of view and sees them as more than just another cog in the machine.

Improved Attendance

A shared workspace helps limit the number of days employees miss work or show up late. A collaborative floorplan often brings out a sense of responsibility in a team because they know that their presence helps their team meet daily goals that ultimately allow the company to succeed.

While a traditional hierarchical office structure may have a layout that keeps employees at their desks, a collaborative space promotes an office culture that makes employees want to get involved at work and show up daily to be a part of the team.

Employees can Share Skill Sets With Each Other

Every employee you hire has certain skills that your company needs. However, in a closed-off cubicle, employees’ skills only remain in their department and can’t feed off of collaborative energy to flourish.

Whereas, in an open space office, constant interaction can lead to skills and practices being shared throughout the organization that makes overall company processes more efficient.

Shared Workspace Molds Ideas to Perfection

Business meetings are usually a setting where individual ideas are brought to a team. Typically meetings debate ideas and send them off to be reworked based on the team’s needs. While this is a successful process, it takes time and can hold back the impact of a great idea for a company.

As we’ve mentioned shared workspaces are hubs of communication where new ideas are constantly shared. Employees can feel free to discuss their thoughts and suggestions for a topic and essentially create a well-planned model to implement within the company as soon as possible.

Try Collaborative Culture With Flex Space From St. Paul Place

If you are the owner of a budding business that needs an office space where it can develop a stable culture, the management at St. Paul Place wants to meet you!

We offer short-term leases that give your company the flexibility it needs to experiment and organically grow in an office space that meets your cultural expectations.

Whether you are experimenting with collaborative culture or need an office space that offers a more traditional setup, St. Paul Place has the best amenities and a unit for you. Contact us today to set up a tour of our Downtown Dallas office building.

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