How Can Office Space Influence Your Business Culture?

Aside from the output that your business produces, your workspace culture is the most important aspect of your brand. Especially for an up-and-coming business, great office culture is the ticket to attracting the right talent, forming solid workplace practices, and creating the happiness that keeps productivity moving!

So, if you’re an entrepreneur that is forming a vision of your business, you’re probably wondering where to start laying the groundwork for a successful culture. At St. Paul Place, our team believes that a great workplace culture starts with a flexible office space that meets your ideals.

Here’s a look at how different office layouts can influence your company culture and what you can do if your culture needs to shift in order to meet industry demands.

Fixed Space Meets Hierarchical Cultural Desires

If your business is all about efficiency and running operations by-the-book, you most likely have a standard hierarchical structure in mind for your culture. This approach to culture prominently draws the line between different departments and authority levels.

In order to meet this cultural need, most businesses opt for a fixed office space that allows them to use its design to create a focused and productive working environment.

Some of the qualities of a fixed space that help form this culture include the following:

  • Closed off cubicles that prevent employee distraction
  • Break rooms away from the main office floor
  • Offices for separate departments and company authorities

More Open Space Creates a More Open Culture

Not every office culture is going to need heavy structure to be successful. In fact, many modern companies thrive on the ideas produced from consistent employee interaction. If your business is all about supporting team building and providing a flexible work environment, a more open space can help cultivate the culture you need.

This type of office space would be one that requires fewer personal offices and a floorplan that diminishes or eliminates barriers between employee workstations. This type of office unit allows for quick back and forth brainstorming between employees and allows ideas to flourish and grow before they hit the next board meeting.

Amenities of Adhoc Culture Matter

Adhocracy culture offers the ultimate opportunity for employees to experience a flexible work environment. Not only would this type of office space adhere to a more open working space, but it would also come with first class office amenities that allow a team to break away from their work responsibilities and mentally “recharge” while still technically at work.

If an adhocracy is something that will help get your brand’s creative juices flowing, you’ll want to look into an office space or office building that provides a community environment for its tenants.

Breakout spaces like a coffee bar, ping pong room, or even an employee meditation room can help create the unique culture that your brand will thrive off of.

What if Your Brand’s Culture Changes Over the Years?

Culture desires can change as a business grows. While this can be a great opportunity for business expansion, some owners may be concerned about breaking a long-term lease to find office space that will help mold their new culture.

An easy way to prepare for this situation is to start off on the right foot with an office manager that offers short-term leases and flex office space. A short-term lease gives your business freedom to spread its wings at its own pace and removes the threat of high early termination fees.

Whether your team wants to rent by the month, week, or hour, flex office space is an affordable way to provide the perfect workspace for your employees while staying on top of a changing industry.

Explore the Benefits of Flex Office Space at St. Paul Place

If you’re ready to build up your company’s culture in an office environment that is flexible to your needs, St. Paul Place has a unit available for you. We want to meet you and find out more about your goals and how our available space can help build up your business.

Our short-term leases allow you to enjoy office space in the heart of the Dallas Arts District without the fear of being tied down if business plans change.

Contact us today to schedule a tour of our office spaces with our leasing manager.

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